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Images - Shot Peening Media - 300 Series Stainless Steel Shot
AMACAST is produced in a unique Centrifugal Atomization process that allows for precise control of the micro structure to deliver maximum durability and impact energy transfer. This gives AMACAST the strength to produce the lowest process / operational costs for our customers. AMACAST is suitable to replace many other abrasives when blasting non ferrous metals or surfaces when a high degree of corrosion resistance is needed.
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Ervin Industries
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Product Description

300 Series Stainless Steel Shot used in a wide variety of special blasting applications with exceptional corrosion resistance and high performance life.

Energy Transfer - Speed of Cleaning:

Blast cleaning is an operation in which the work surface is pounded by successive impacts of flying abrasive particles. This impact energy of the abrasive is related to the mass and velocity of the particle being thrown. When the kinetic energy in a particle of abrasive is expended on the work surface, the contaminant is loosened and removed. Thus, the greater the impact being delivered per particle, the greater the speed of cleaning. AMACAST’s greater mass / density delivers more power to the surface improving the cleaning rates and lowering the abrasive consumption costs.

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